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Manage your online reputation
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Track both positive and negative mentions
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Proprietary Sensibility Tracking & Favorability Index
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Track your online mentions

We use our proprietary MentionMonitor tool to track all your online mentions, including text, photos, and videos.


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Measure the positivity or negativity of your online reputation

MentionManager customers receive regular reports including MentionManager Index (MMI) scores, recent changes to your online mentions, and recommended actions.


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Manage your online reputation

MentionManager offers a powerful array of tools and proprietary technologies to change customers’ online reputations.


Gain Insight into Your Brand’s Online Performance

online mentions tracking

What are people saying about your brand on the web? Does the feedback go in your favor, or are the complaints outnumbering the positive opinions? You don’t have to visit every single website and investigate your entire web presence — we will! You will constantly have access to the positive, as well as the negative feedback, including the levels of their magnitude.


Our Favorability Index is the Industry Standard

We’re Watching Over Your Online Reputation

Gathering all the information about the online mentions of your brand manually would take too much of your precious time. We will keep track of the statistics, and you can use the valuable data to upgrade your business.

The Frequency of Mentions

We track the frequency of mentions of your brand on Google.

The Categories of Mentions

You will be able to compare the amounts of two categories of mentions: the good and the bad, including the magnitude of the mentions.

Our Unique Favorability Index

How favorable is the mention of your brand on the scale of least favorable, to most favorable, or is it neutral? Our Favorability Index will show.

Introducing Our Team

Our team of experts can assist you in shaping and upgrading your brand by providing the much-needed online feedback in an organized, straightforward way.

Share Your Vision with Us.

Contact us today to discover more about the importance of tracking the mentions of a brand online, as well as the options we offer.

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