About Us

Our goal is to aid you in up­grad­ing your brand based on the on the ob­jec­tive on­line feed­back we’ve col­lect­ed and cat­e­go­rized for you.

It is not on­ly the pow­er­ful tech­nol­o­gy and a wide range of pro­pri­etary tools that stand be­hind the Men­tion­Man­ag­er ser­vice. While the tech­nol­o­gy is an in­evitable part of the process, a ded­i­cat­ed team of ex­perts is a must, and Men­tion­Man­ag­er isn’t lack­ing in this area, either.
The mix­ture of ex­pe­ri­ence, tools, and the ex­pert fac­tor re­sult­ed in the cre­ation of ser­vices every mod­ern brand could use in or­der to gain and/or main­tain its pop­u­lar­i­ty on the web. Nowa­days, your on­line per­for­mance and rep­u­ta­tion could make or break your brand, which is why it is es­sen­tial to keep up with the ever-chang­ing on­line scene. We know that it can get hec­tic and con­fus­ing, which is where we step in.

Our mis­sion

Here are some of the steps we take in or­der to pro­vide a sol­id foun­da­tion for brands based on the rat­ings of their on­line performance:

  • Track­ing all the on­line men­tions in every shape and form (text, pho­to, video)
  • Dis­tin­guish­ing the pos­i­tive and the neg­a­tive mentions
  • Count­ing all the men­tions in sep­a­rate categories
  • Pro­vid­ing the in­for­ma­tion on the mag­ni­tude of the men­tion based on the cred­i­bil­i­ty and the pop­u­lar­i­ty of the website
  • Pro­vid­ing Men­tion­Man­ag­er In­dex (MMI) scores
  • Cre­at­ing reg­u­lar re­ports on your brand’s on­line performance
  • Aid­ing you in cre­at­ing the best strat­e­gy for your brand as far as on­line per­for­mance is concerned
  • An­a­lyz­ing the po­ten­tial set­backs and rec­om­mend­ing fu­ture actions