About Us

Our goal is to aid you in upgrading your brand based on the on the objective online feedback we’ve collected and categorized for you.

It is not only the powerful technology and a wide range of proprietary tools that stand behind the MentionManager service. While the technology is an inevitable part of the process, a dedicated team of experts is a must, and MentionManager isn’t lacking in this area, either.
The mixture of experience, tools, and the expert factor resulted in the creation of services every modern brand could use in order to gain and/or maintain its popularity on the web. Nowadays, your online performance and reputation could make or break your brand, which is why it is essential to keep up with the ever-changing online scene. We know that it can get hectic and confusing, which is where we step in.

Our mission

Here are some of the steps we take in order to provide a solid foundation for brands based on the ratings of their online performance:

  • Tracking all the online mentions in every shape and form (text, photo, video)
  • Distinguishing the positive and the negative mentions
  • Counting all the mentions in separate categories
  • Providing the information on the magnitude of the mention based on the credibility and the popularity of the website
  • Providing MentionManager Index (MMI) scores
  • Creating regular reports on your brand’s online performance
  • Aiding you in creating the best strategy for your brand as far as online performance is concerned
  • Analyzing the potential setbacks and recommending future actions